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Service Mission: customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit.


Our company is set production and sales and after-sales service through-train service, the core service concept is divided into sharing, borderless, leading half step.

Share - we share our knowledge and experience, ideas and wisdom, dreams and confidence in one another. We are grateful, hardworking, focused and happy to work, fulfill our responsibilities, innovate, grow beyond, and strive to work with perfect results Serving partners.

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Jinan Songak Machine Co., Ltd was established in 1999, is located in the District of Jinan City flyover Goldwater Industrial Park; has a powerful design and manufacturing capabilities; and developed a fully enclosed ultra-low rate of animal and plant cell broken up with international advanced level More than 95% of the vibration of ultra-fine grinding equipment to fill the ......MORE>>

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    Warmly told: refused to fake (The following content is uniform for the company's domestic)Jinan Song Yue Machinery Co., Ltd., started from 1977, the development of: [ultra-low temperature closed animal and plant cell wall vibration micro-powder machine] since decad...
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Jinan Songak Machine Co., Ltd

Sales Address: Jinan, Shandong Pearl International 

Business Harbor 22 layer

Telephone, fax: 0531-82638525

Mobile: 13325138113 (micro letter) 13506413999

QQ: 298946516  E-mail: ji-123321@163.com

Website: www.chinasongyue.com

Factory Address: Jinan City Tianqiao District Yuanzhuang 

Jinshui Industrial Park on the 26th District

Production Tel: 0531-85768370

Technology After Sales Tel: 13356666390

E-mail: yansong@chinasongyue.com

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